How to Remodel your Bathroom for Under $1000

Contrary to popular belief, updating your home doesn’t have to require a complete gut job. Often times just updating a few things can help change your perspective and breathe new life into your space. Bathrooms rank as one of the most important rooms in our homes, especially when you consider return on investment, but also in terms of comfort. Whether you’re looking for a spa like environment or a space that reflects your personal style, there are a lot of budget friendly ways to update your space. 

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spa bathroomspa bathroom
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It’s one of the most inexpensive, yet impactful ways to update any space, bathrooms included. If your room is smaller, paint the walls light and bright and do a fun color or focal treatment on the ceiling. It will help draw the eyes up making the room feel larger. Paint doesn’t stop just there. If you have an outdated vanity, spruce it up with a couple of coats of paint to give it a more updated look. 


Don’t just stop with updating your vanity with paint, update the door and drawer pulls. You can go as inexpensive as spray painting the door and drawer pulls, or switching them out of a completely different style and/ or color. While you’re at it, don’t be afraid to update your tired towel bar, toilet paper holder, and don’t forget maybe giving your shower head an upgrade. 

Vanity Swap

Tired old vanities that can’t be salvaged with paint, can be swapped out for something that’s more on trend.


What’s On Trend

Wanting to take things up a notch without breaking the bank? Peel and stick wallpaper is all the rage. Fashionable, functional, and perfect if you have no experience hanging wall paper. Best yet, peel and stick wallpaper won’t wreck your walls if you change your mind and decide later to remove it. 

If you like the look of this bathroom and want to draw some inspiration try incorporating this peel-and-stick wallpaper, my favorite shower curtain, and purchasing a floor stencil for added design.

Board and batten or shiplap can also be a great way to update your walls and you would be very surprised at how easy and inexpensive these wall treatments can actually be. Take it one step further and add these features half way up the wall, then either paint or add peel and stick wallpaper to the top of the wall. 

Update your flooring by adding some paint. Not only is it inexpensive, but you can totally change the look and colors of your flooring to better fit your space. Tile, linoleum, and wood can all be painted which is the perfect way to update without ripping out your floors. 

If this bathroom is more up your alley, you can start to update you space by using this peel-and-stick Wallpaper, this shower curtain, replacing your current hardware with this brushed gold hardware and creating a floor design with this floor stencil.


Bath mats, towels, and shower curtains have come a very long way. There are an array of colors and patterns out there to compliment any space. Switch it them out seasonally to keep your space fresh. 

Don’t forget that even swapping out your mirror can do a world of difference. If you’re still wanting to shine a new light on your bathroom, changing out your lighting may be a bright idea.

Freshening up the place where you freshen up can easily be done on a budget and without completely gutting your bathroom. Switching out your hardware, adding some paint or trying your hand at peel and stick wallpaper, can easily achieve a new look. Best part is, you can save yourself thousands of dollars and give yourself years of enjoyment in your new bathroom.

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Brooke has a lifestyle blog called Cribbs Style and currently lives in Charleston, SC. This wife, mom of two almost tweens, and mom of three fur children enjoys all things DIY and organizing. When she’s not helping others tackle the chaos of life, she’s either working out, at the beach, or just enjoying time with family and friends.


Staging Your Home Beautifully While on a Budget

The real estate market is knee-deep in peak season despite the pandemic. And given the seller’s market, homeowners are wanting to maximize their profits from their home to upgrade to larger homes. And one of the proven tools to help to maximize a sale’s price is home staging. According to a 2019 NAR study, “25% of buyer’s agents said that staging a home increased the dollar value offered between one and five percent, compared to other similar homes on the market that are not staged.”

But home staging comes with a price tag, so what’s a homeowner to do if they’re on a tight budget?

staging a scandinavian home interior of living room with mock up postaging a scandinavian home interior of living room with mock up po

Donna Lamb, owner of Premier Home Staging and Design of Northwest Arkansas, offers budget-friendly home staging tips for homeowners that plan to sell.

Take Care Of The Basics First

While not all homeowners can afford thousands of dollars for home staging, there are some basics that homeowners can address to get top dollar when selling their home. Lamb suggests “It is critically important to take care of the basics first.” Basics that every homeowner can tackle before listing:

Partial Staging To Save Money

Staging every room of a home could be quite costly. Lamb even says, “As far as vacant, unoccupied homes, we actually don’t recommend staging the entire property.” Rather than staging an entire property, focus on the rooms that will provide the biggest bang for your buck. In Lamb’s experience, “We recommend only staging the entry, dining, living, kitchen and master suite. If there happens to be another room at the front of the home such as an office, we would recommend staging it as well.” Other tips for partial staging:

  • Properly scaled furniture. “Every room should have adequate space for movement, absent of excessive furniture.”
  • Hire a stager to do a walkthrough. “If the home is occupied or the sellers are leaving their furniture, employing a professional stager to walk through and conduct a consultation with them.”
  • Inquire about less staging options. “Options can be provided to stage less spaces to make the install more affordable for the seller.”

staging a home Brand new luxury Canadian style furnished and staged apartment istaging a home Brand new luxury Canadian style furnished and staged apartment i

Virtual Staging For Photos

One of the most affordable home staging options is virtual staging. 40% of buyers desire to look at the home they have seen staged online, making virtual staging a critical step. Lamb’s tips for virtual staging:

  • Ensure the company providing this service has a software program that provides realistic life like, and on trend furnishings as part of their program offering.
  • Inquire if the individual completing the virtual staging assignment is a professional stager and not an individual that is self-taught
  • She also cautions, “I believe any potential buyer touring the home is not going to physically experience the same emotions by looking at the virtual photos and then walking through an empty home.”

The One Room You Can’t Afford To NOT Stage

If homeowners are incredibly restrained by budget, there is one room that they must budget for when staging: the living room. The most used and versatile space, buyers want to see how the space feels and flows if they lived there. Forty-seven percent of buyer’s agents say the living room is the most critical room to have staged– and Lamb agrees. “This is the space that the majority of homeowners will spend time with their family.”

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Jennifer is an accidental house flipper turned Realtor and real estate investor. She is the voice behind the blog, Bachelorette Pad Flip. Over five years, Jennifer paid off $70,000 in student loan debt through real estate investing. She’s passionate about the power of real estate. She’s also passionate about southern cooking, good architecture, and thrift store treasure hunting. She calls Northwest Arkansas home with her cat Smokey, but she has a deep love affair with South Florida.


5 Things You Should Pay Premium for as a Homeowner or Renter

There’s no denying that everyone wants to make their money stretch as far as possible. When it comes to any major purchases or projects you want to do in your home, naturally we want to find the best deal. However, there are some things that could actually end up costing you more money down the road should you decide to take the cheap route.

Here are a few areas where you may want to think on before you choose the less expensive option:


No matter if you own or rent your home, buying furniture should be seen as an investment. It’s important to read reviews about the quality of the construction and the fabric. Poorly constructed furniture may not be durable which is important especially if you have children or pets. It’s one thing to change furniture because your taste in decor style changes, it’s another to have to buy new because it didn’t last. On average, a sofa should last about 7-15 years, depending on the fabric, and longer for leather.

cat on a bedcat on a bed

If you are on a budget and need some assistance prioritizing the most important pieces to spend more money on, go with this:

  1. Mattress and Bed Frame: This one should go without saying, and you’ve most likely heard it before, but you spend more than one-third of your life sleeping. Getting a quality night sleep can impact your health and well-being, and similar to a sofa, a quality mattress can last up to 10 years! If comfort is important to you, you should prioritize spending that premium amount of money on a mattress and good-quality bed frame.

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  1. Couch: Similar to a mattress, this is something you’ll find yourself using quite often. If you’re big on entertaining, having a comfortable, quality place to sit should be important to you.
  2. Dining Table and Chairs: Lastly, a sturdy, heavy-duty dining table and chair set can go a long way. Not to mention, classic tables and chairs rarely go out of style, so finding a set you love – even if it’s a steep price – would be well worth the investment.


Bargain paint is thinner and more watery. No matter what brush or roller you use, it will streak and not give great coverage. In the end, you may end up using more paint to complete your painting job and in turn spending more money. Aside from the coverage, because the consistency, bargain paint will not hold up to normal wear and tear. Higher quality paints often contain a built in primer and their technology can provide one coat coverage. In the end a higher quality paint could cost you less money and time to complete your project. 

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Making the decision to do a home improvement project is not a decision that’s made lightly. It’s an investment in your home and can impact the value down the road. Choosing the right contractor to handle the job is the next most important decision you’re going to make in your project. Ask around for recommendations, but also do your own research to see how this contractor is viewed regarding the quality of their workmanship.

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inspector looking at the foundation to determine flood insurance premiuminspector looking at the foundation to determine flood insurance premium

If you’re planning on doing any major additions or reworking the footprint of your home, you’ll need a contractor who understands the importance of pulling permits, and following building code. Again, the lack of quality could end up costing you more money down the road if something has to be fixed or replaced. 

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Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

The two spaces in your home which will bring you the most return for your investment, are also the two spaces you don’t want to take any shortcuts. Picking timeless and quality products are important because these two rooms put in the most work. The products need to not only look good, but be able to withstand a lot of use. 

white ceramic toilet bowl beside white ceramic toilet bowl

white ceramic toilet bowl beside white ceramic toilet bowl

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Getting a good deal applies to some things, just not everything you decide to use your hard earned money to purchase. Taking short cuts or choosing lesser quality products or services, could end up costing you more in the long run. Take advantage of sales, coupons, or promotions when making major purchases or doing any projects, but whatever you do, don’t sell yourself short. 

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Brooke has a lifestyle blog called Cribbs Style and currently lives in Charleston, SC. This wife, mom of two almost tweens, and mom of three fur children enjoys all things DIY and organizing. When she’s not helping others tackle the chaos of life, she’s either working out, at the beach, or just enjoying time with family and friends.