Citi Rewards+: 25,000 Point Sign Up Bonus

Update 5/13/21: The link below is now increased from 20,000 to 25,000 (standard offer on Citi website is 15,000). Not sure if the in-branch 30,000/40,000 offer is still around.

Update 10/14/19: This deal is being offered again. Keep in mind there is an in branch 30,000/40,000 points. Hat tip to reader Khmalh

The Offer

Direct link to offer (seems to only be available via Credit Karma)

  • Citi is offering an increased sign up bonus on the Citi Rewards+ card, 20,000 Citi ThankYou points after $1,500 in purchases within the first three months

Card Details

  • No annual fee
  • Card earns ThankYou points
  • Earn 2x points on grocery and gas, up to $6,000 per year, then 1x
  • Earn 1x points on everything else
  • Bonus ThankYou Points are not available if you received a new cardmember bonus for Citi Rewards+℠, Citi ThankYou®Preferred, Citi ThankYou® Premier/Citi Premier℠ or Citi Prestige®, or if you have closed any of these cards, in the past 24 months.
  • Low intro rate on purchases and balance transfers
  • 3% foreign transaction fee
  • 10% rebate on all redeemed points each year, on up to the first 100,000 redeemed points

Our Verdict

Launch sign up bonus was 15,000 points, we also saw a 10,000 point + $100 live nation credit. Still not really worth it because of the 24 month restrictive language, better to get a sign up bonus on the Premier or Prestige.  If you have any questions about Citi cards, read this post as they are most likely answered there.


[Expired] [Public & Referral Offer] American Express Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant 125,000 Point Sign Up Bonus + $200 Restaurant Credit [Last Day]

Deal has ended, view more credit card bonuses by clicking here.

Update 4/8/21: This increased 125k + $200 offer is now showing via referral links as well. Hat tip to pfdpfd

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Sign up for the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant card and earn 125,000 bonus points and up to $200 back at U.S. Restaurants:
    • Earn 125,000 Marriott Bonvoy bonus points after you use your new Card to make $5,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of Card Membership.
    • Plus, earn up to $200 in Statement Credits for eligible purchases made on your new Card at U.S. Restaurants within the first 6 months of Card Membership.

Offer Ends 5/12/2021.

Card Details

  • $450 annual fee
  • $300 in statement credits each year of card membership for eligible purchases at Marriott properties
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 6x points per $1 spent at participating SPG & Marriott Rewards hotels
    • 3x points per $1 spent at U.S. restaurants and on flights booked directly with airlines
    • 2x points per $1 spent on all other purchases
  • Free night award every year after your card account anniversary (can be used at any property that costs under 50,000 points per night)
  • Complimentary gold elite status
  • Platinum elite status after you spend $75,000 or more on the card in a calendar year
  • 15 nights towards elite status (you’re restricted to getting this benefit once per Marriott Loyalty program number)
  • Unlimited complimentary priority pass lounge access for you and up to two accompanying guests
  • Statement credit for Global Entry ($100) or TSA PreCheck ($85) every four years
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Free, unlimited Boingo Wi-Fi access
  • Free in-room premium internet access at SPG & Marriott participating hotels
  • Welcome offer not available to applicants who (i) have or have had The Ritz-Carlton Credit Card from JPMorgan or the J.P. Morgan Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card in the last 30 days, (ii) have acquired the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Rewards® Premier Plus Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Premier Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Bold Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Premier Plus Business Credit Card from Chase or the Marriott Rewards® Premier Plus Business Credit Card from Chase in the last 90 days, or (iii) received a new Card Member bonus or upgrade offer for the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card from Chase, Marriott Rewards® Premier Plus Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Premier Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Bold Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Premier Plus Business Credit Card from Chase or the Marriott Rewards® Premier Plus Business Credit Card from Chase in the last 24 months.

Our Verdict

Previous best bonus was 100,000 points + 25,000 anniversary points + elite status. This offer is the best we’ve ever seen with 125,000 points + $200 credit. Unfortunately, this offer is not available via referral, so no double dipping with a friend.

This can be a good offer for some people, but just keep in mind the massive annual fee. I’d make sure you have a good plan for the Marriott points and resort credit before signing up. We will add this to our best credit card bonus post. There is also an increased offer on the Marriott business card from American Express.


Chase Cards: Earn 5x On Purchases During May – August, Up to $1,500 Spend (Southwest, United, Marriott, Hyatt, IHG, Avios Cards, Disney, AARP, Starbucks, Amazon)

Update 5/14/21: Reader JC suggests that you might have more success activating these offers at their direct links instead of the catch-all link. See the full list of links in this comment.

(Reposting 5/12/21 as emails are now going out about this offer. Also added Amazon to the title. Could be worth checking again now if it wasn’t working for you earlier.)

The Offer

Check all your Chase Offers here (should work for any offer on any card)

  • Chase is offering spend bonuses on their co-branded cards from May 15 – August 15, 2021. The offers are basically 5x on travel and gas stations (and 6x, 7x or 8x on the specific brand) Some sample offers:
    • United: Earn 6x miles on United purchases and 5x miles on travel purchases and gas stations on up to $1,500 in spend

Our Verdict

Not sure if this stacks with the previous deal or not.


Disney Premier Credit Card from Chase $300 Cash Signup Bonus

The Offer

Direct Link

  • Sign up for the Premier version of the Disney credit card and receive a $300 bonus after spending $1,000 within 3 months. $49 annual fee not waived for the first year.

Card Details

  • Read our full review here
  • 2% in Disney Dream Reward Dollars on card purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and most Disney locations
  • 1% in Disney Dream Reward Dollars on all other purchases
  • Annual fee of $49
  • Disney perks:
    • Character Meet ‘N’ Greet at a private Cardmember location
    • 10% off select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at Disney Store and
  • 5/24 rule now applies to this card

Our Verdict

Previous best offer on this card is $250. This would take up a 5/24 slot and because of that I don’t think it’s worth considering (remember you also pay the $49 annual fee, so bonus is really $251). There are Chase cards with bigger/better bonuses or long term card benefits that can be found here.

Hat tip to Chong786


[CA, TX, CO] AmaZing Business Credit Card $1,500

Update 5/12/21: AmegyBank is offering $1,000 now

Update 3/21/21: There is now a $1,500 bonus. Broken down as follows

  • Earn 50,000 bonus points when you spend $3,000 in the first three month from account opening1
  • Plus, get an additional 100,000 bonus points when you spend $50,000 in the first six months from account opening

Previous best was $1,000 bonus, but that only required $7,500 in spend.

The Offer

  • There are a number of banks that offer AmaZing business credit cards. These cards are currently offering the following bonuses:
    • $500 cash bonus when you spend $4,000 within 90 days of account opening. They also have point options as well (100,000/50,000 points).
    • $1,000 cash bonus when you spend $7,500 within 90 days of account opening
  • The following credit unions offer these cards:

Card Details

  • Amazing cash & rewards earn at the following rates:
    • 3% cash back on cellular services, internet, office supplies, telecommunications (landline), and cable
    • 2% cash back on airlines and car rentals
    • 1% cash back on other purchases
  • No annual fee
  • 0% Intro APR for 6 months on new purchases

Our Verdict

Standard sign up bonus is $250/25,000 points after $2,500 in spend and these cards have long been listed on our best cash sign up bonus pages, unfortunately it seems not all banks that issue these AmaZing business cards are offering the increased bonus. These cards do not report to your personal report, good for those trying to stay under 5/24. Obviously a great bonus, unfortunately we don’t know a lot about any of these banks so please share your experiences in the comments.

Hat tip to reader @Z6CG4dF8idG9EL

Post history:

  • Update 11/10/19: They are all back to $1,000 apart from California which is $500. Hat tip to culdeus
  • Update 2: Looks to be Utah, Idaho or Wyoming
  • Update 9/25/19: It looks like Zion is offering a $1,000 bonus to everybody in AZ, CA, CO, ID, NV, NM, TX, UT, or WY. Hat tip to churnandburn58
  • Update 8/22/19: Arizona is back to a $1,000 bonus.
  • Update 3/19/19: Some are offering a bonus of $500 again. This isn’t as good as the previous bonus of up to $1,000 they have offered in the past. Fine print says the offers expire on 6/33/2019, I assume they might mean 6/23/19 or 6/13/19?
  • Update 09/23/18: Bonuses are back for 2018! Hat tip to reader BarryEgansPudding. Valid until November 30th, 2018
  • Originally posted on 10/9/17, reposting on 10/31/17 because the bonus is also available at Vectra Bank in Colorado.


Bypass Chase 5/24 Online With “Selected For You”/”Just For You” Offers [Check For Updated Offers]

Update 5/8/21: More people targeted.

Update 2/7/20: More people targeted.

Update 1/12/20: More people targeted, including offers for the 75,000 Southwest deal. Hat tip to reader Mac

Update 11/16/19: More people targeted. Hat tip to reader Leonardo M

Update 7/12/19: Worth checking for more targeted offers.

Update 5/20/19: Reader Jeff reports seeing a selected offer for you under the balance information section of one of their credit cards. Offer wasn’t showing in the regular just for you section, so worth double checking your accounts.

Update 4/22/19: Another round of offers has gone out, this time for 60,000 points on the Chase Sapphire Preferred with the annual fee waived.

Update 4/7/19: All offers should now have been loaded. Even if you checked on the 2nd I’d recommend doing another check.

Update 4/2/19: More offers have been loaded. As I understand more people will be targeted through tomorrow as well.

Update 3/18/19: Some people are seeing a 70,000 point offer on the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Annual fee is not waived, but this is still a fantastic deal.

Update 1/18/19: Lots of people are seeing offers for the Chase Sapphire Preferred currently. Worth looking to see if you have this offer. Keep in mind the 48 month Sapphire language still applies. Given the number of people targeted, I’m somewhat worried that maybe these aren’t bypassing 5/24 anymore. Please share your datapoints in the comments if you pull the trigger. Confirmed to still bypass 5/24.

Update: It’s working again, yay!

Update: No longer working unfortunately.

Update: It looks like United cards are now showing up under “Selected For You” offers. This is consistent with the fact that they also show up for in branch pre-approvals that also bypass 5/24. Hat tip to reader Wizmanison.

Today I read an interesting post on The Travel Sisters about seeing Chase offers ‘selected for you’. It seems that some people are seeing ‘selected for you’ offers in their account and these offers are bypassing the Chase 5/24 rule. To see if you have one of these offers. The offers are appearing in a banner on the left hand side of your screen, under your Ultimate Rewards balance on the Accounts page (this link might also work) (might also be under ‘explore products’).

Note, if you see a link that says ‘explore Chase credit cards’ and then displays all the cards and doesn’t say ‘selected for you’ with the green check mark then you don’t have any of these offers. It will also only show up if you see the new website design (and this won’t show if you have business cards).


Thanks to reader Rediff for image



These offers are different to the Chase pre-qualified offers (e.g it’s possible to have these selected for you offers and not pre-qualified offers). I’m wondering if these are the online equivalent to the Chase in branch pre-approvals? It seems only Chase branded cards will show up (e.g Chase Sapphire Reserve) and not co-branded cards (e.g Chase IHG).

Obviously this is relatively new, so if you find these offers in your account and apply please share your datapoints. Might also be interesting to know if you’ve been pre-approved in branch or not (or at least have/don’t have in branch offers).

Thanks again goes to The Travel Sisters for making me aware of this, their post has more pictures that might be useful to readers.

Data Points

  • Successfully bypassed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Declined due to 5/24 or other reasons: 1, 2


U.S. Bank Launches New Altitude Connect Card With 50,000 Point Bonus (Worth $500)

After much delay U.S. Bank has finally launched the new Altitude Connect card with a 50,000 point bonus (worth $500). Let’s take a look at the basics of this card:

  • 50,000 point bonus after $3,000 in spend within the first 120 days
  • Card has $95 annual fee, fee is waived the first year
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Card earns the following rates:
    • 4x on Travel and at Gas Stations
    • 2x on Dining, Takeout, Groceries, and Streaming Services
    • 1x everywhere else
  • $30 free month of streaming for annual streaming services. Annual streaming credit works as follows: after 11 months of consecutive streaming service charges, the 12th month will get the $30 credit.
    • You can combine different services, e.g. if you were subscribed to Netflix for 8 months and then to Hulu for 3 months, the following month of streaming will be credited back.
    • Amazon Music, Apple Music, AT&T TV Now, Disney+, Google Music, Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, SiriusXM, Slacker Radio, Sling TV, Spotify, Tidal, Vudu, YouTube Music and YouTube TV are all mentioned clearly to work.
  • Cell phone protection similar to the US Bank Platinum card; $600 coverage with $25 deductible.
  • Precheck or global entry credit.

Our Verdict

Card is worth considering for the 50,000 point sign up bonus (worth $500) especially as the annual fee is waived first year. Don’t think it makes sense to keep long term with that $95 annual fee and poor benefits but there might be some rare use cases for the 4x categories (other cards do earn at a higher rate on gas purchases though). Given that U.S. Bank credit cards can be difficult to get approved for, it might make more sense to apply for the U.S. Altitude Reserve depending on how much value you get out of the other benefits on that card. This is still a strong second (or first option depending on how you value the Reserve benefits) and will be added to our best credit card bonus page.


Publicly Available through 5/22: Chase Sapphire Preferred 80,000 Public Online Signup Bonus + $50 Grocery Credit

Update 5/10/21: Source that the offer might continue at least through May 24, 2021. Possibly longer.

Update 5/7/21: Chase is now mentioning an end-date for this offer of May 22, 2021 in emailers about this signup offer. Hat tip to TheSultan1

Update 4/10/21: Some people have been unable to apply in branch (annual fee waived first year), this issue will be fixed on 4/23. If this affected you and you applied online Chase is willing to apply the annual fee waiver. Probably won’t work unless you actually tried to apply in branch as it logs the branch application when it was tried. Hat tip to EosHuffer

Update 4/6/21: This offer is now available via referral links as well.

Update 3/22/21:

The Offer

(No direct link, this offer begins on March 21, 2021 for online and in-branch applications)

  • Signup for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and get 80,000 points after $4,000 in spend within the first three months. Plus, get earn up to $50 in statement credits towards grocery store purchases within your first year from account opening.

Card Details

Our Verdict

The standard bonus has been 60,000 for a while, and they recently began throwing in the extra $50 credit. I believe the highest public offer we’ve seen was the 80,000 points offer that ended just a few months ago, and beginning March 21 we’ll have the best-ever public offer of 80k + $50.

We’ll have to wait and see if the 80k + $50 becomes available via referral as well.

Also note: you can sign up in-branch and get the $95 annual fee waived.

There’s also an increased Sapphire Reserve offer coming on March 21st as well. See these 26 Things Everybody Should Know About Chase Credit Cards before applying for a Chase card.


[Targeted] American Express Business Platinum 150,000 Point Offer, No Lifetime Language

Update 5/10/21: Another round, this time 150k points.

Update 4/24/21: Another round, try this link.

Update 4/5/21: Another round sent out.

Update 3/16/21: Another round sent out.

Update 2/16/21: Another round sent out.

Update 2/5/21: Another round has been sent out, this time the e-mail states the lifetime language but application page doesn’t. $595 annual fee is mentioned on application page. Hat tip to reader BS

Update 12/28/20: Another round has gone out.

Update 12/15/20: More people targeted. Remains to be seen if this new batch ends up having the annual fee waived first or not, just assume it doesn’t.

Update 12/10/20: Despite the terms stating the annual fee is not waived first year, multiple people (1,2,3) have reported applying and then card member approval paperwork showing the $595 annual fee waived first year. This is American Express though so every chance they try to add the annual fee back. I’d apply expecting to pay the annual fee and then it’s a happy surprise if you don’t have to

The Offer

No direct link, shows up when logged in

  • Get 100,000 points after $15,000 in spend within the first three months of card membership

Card Details

Our Verdict

If you’ve never had this card before, then the call in method is better due to the lower minimum spend requirement. The real nice thing about this offer is the fact it has no lifetime language meaning it’s possible to get the bonus if you’ve gotten the card before.

Hat tip to reader CreditDingo